R&D Center
The core belief of the creativity development of New Trend Textile is Green Mind. We search for creativity explores, cultivate creativity leaders in our R&D team, take the responsibility for the environment and cultivate character and behavior characteristics of advocating creativities and innovations through creativity leadership.
Regarding the cultivation of new talents, we focus on the incentives of personal creativity potentials, developing the philosophy of Idea King-achieving perfection with just one more idea. Creativity leadership is generated by the trust and obedience of genuineness, and the ability of observing, listening carefully, tasting and experiencing the life world. A leader sincerely pursues the meaning of perfect creativities, wisdom and techniques who is a creator, opinion leader, and a creativity advocator.
New Trend Textile inspires its employees' creativities through the learning of the following 5 types of creativities:
1. Insight: ability of observing and criticizing
2. Combining ability: ability of imaging and memorizing
3. Explaining ability: ability of analyzing and expressing
4. Attracting ability: aesthetic and sense
5. Influencing ability: ability of surpassing and leading
New Trend Textile innovates its products through the following 9 types of ingenious thinking:
.Innovated perspectives
1. Viewing problems through diversified aspects (unprecedented innovations)
2. Transforming ideas into images (visual and space concepts)

.Creative thinking
1. Large flow of thoughts and creativities (cultivating amazing creativities)
2. Innovation combinations (combination games; selection)
3. Irrelevant connections (presenting differences; sensible but invisible differences)
4. Upside-down thinking (perversion; opposition)
5. Cross-filed exploration (investigating different fields)
6. Unexpected discoveries (looking for unexpected results)
7. Power of cooperation (idea collection; cooperation)